Archive | November 2005

Festival o’ the Left

Larvatus Prodeo is hosting a homage to Gough on this 30 anniversary of the Dismissal. Read it and weep.


Google print launched

The controversial Google Print has been launched in beta.

Read more at Designtechnica, the Chronicle of Higher Ed (you’ll need a subscription) or Book Standard.

Reading and listening

Still struggling with my favourite pastime, reading, so am posting a rather aimless post on my current iTunes playlist. I have actually started reading again at least. New (and f**king expensive) glasses have helped with that. Reading is rather easier when you can see. I have three things on the go:

Otherwise occupying me:

and the, ahem, Chicago soundtrack.

(Obviously I am revisiting my youth with the first four)

On other matters, I have been invited to join the Larvatus Prodeo stable. Have yet to post, have a rather long one in the works that I have to edit down and refine. Hopefully we get something up in the next day or so.

And THAT is what I hate about blogging, self-indulgent posts such as this.