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Need a hundred US bucks?

Try submitting a story to Life for Change. You submit, everyone votes, someone gets a hundred US dollars.


My word cloud

Saw this on Pavlov and just had to give it a burl. It looks at your blog and creates a word cloud which you can then put on a shirt. I thought it gave a pretty accurate picture of my warped brain (specially the prominence of ‘uncategorized’). Didn’t get it on a shirt though.
My word cloud
You can also choose one of your favourite authors and get their words in a cloud. Mum, thought you might like this.

Publish less

Jeanette Winterson’s thoughts on the future of the book: don’t publish things that were never meant to be books in the first place. Oh, where do I start…

Coming over all Pammy

Ok, so I’ve been reprimanded by my mother for ‘coming over all Pammy’ with my new Stack banner. Yeah, the one with the t**s. And yes, that is me. So I’ll probably be changing it, I know, it’s got nothing to do with books. I just liked the photo. Don’t hold your breath though…

PS – has anyone actually seen Stacked?

Yiyun Li: not good enough apparently

An interesting tidbit for those who don’t read Bookslut, Yuyin Li, whose book A Thousand Years of Good Prayers was reviewed in the SMH today by Linda Jaivin (sorry, no link), has had her application for US residency on the grounds of “extraordinary ability in the arts” denied on appeal.

“While the facts presented in this case are especially sympathetic and compelling,” the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services informed Li in its denial of her petition, “at the time of this filing the petitioner had not met the very high standard set by Congress” to establish her “extraordinary ability.”

Li’s petition included letters of support from novelist and PEN American Center President Salman Rushdie, who pointed out that the kind of “far-reaching interest and buzz” Li has generated is “extremely rare,” and from New Yorker editor David Remnick, who wrote that Li was among those “destined to become the leading writers of their generation.”