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Taking my meds

Yes, I’m still here. I’ve been READING. I suggest you read this.

In order to be happy, I must have my daily dose of literature. In this I am no different from the patient who must take a spoonful of medicine each day. When I learned, as a child, that diabetics needed an injection every day, like most people, I felt bad for them; I may even have thought of them as half dead. My dependence on literature must make me “half dead” in the same way.

It’s Orhan Pamuk.



There’s a new sports blog in town. Go and read it. And if you think sports and books don’t mix, think again.

I feel like dancing

Andrew Siegel knows how to get TEH KIDS interested in books.

Or she just has a sense of irony. Or she’s just bonkers. Whatever. It’s entertaining.
Via Book Trailerpark.

Another day, another book poll

This time it’s the Guardian asking

150 literary luminaries to vote for the best British, Irish or Commonwealth novel from 1980 to 2005.

And the winner? Coetzee’s Disgrace.

How long before another Oz Nobel?

The Literary Saloon has been providing commentary on the upcoming Nobel announcement, including info on the latest odds. (You can even bet on whether the prize winner will travel to Stockholm to pick up the goods).

The current list from Ladbrokes contains not a single Australian, which I guess is no real surprise. In light of the Institute of Public Affairs inclusion of Patrick White’s win on its list of Australia’s 13 biggest mistakes“, recent State Funerals for a car driver and a crocodile wrangler and the almost complete neglect of the passing of a great writer, an Australian Nobel winner could be quite the tonic we need. Australians love their sport and what better than a competition to spark public interest in literature?

The obvious next question is, who are the worthy contenders? I can only think of one: Les Murray.

Update: I have expanded on this theme at Online Opinion.

One for the ladies

Just eaten 5 blocks of chocolate? Bursting into tears for no apparent reason? Thinking of splitting up because your partner squeezed the toothpaste “all wrong”? Strangely bloated? It may be your cycle ladies. The tonic you need is Four Weeks Mag (‘in synch with the rhythms of your life’), a website that delivers content tailored to every week in your cycle.

This interweb thing is so liberating.

Via Bookslut.