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Sooo book

I interrupt this non-blogging period to point you in the direction of a new development in the language of the young: apparently the word ‘book’ is replacing the word ‘cool’. It’s all to do with text messaging and if you’ve ever used predictive text you’ll know why.

Via Conversational Reading.



Babes with books. (Not much flesh but I’ll give you a NSFW heads-up just in case). It’s a blog filled with images of women reading books subtitled “Smart girls are hot”.

Not sure about the woman on the library kickalong with the pink cast on her leg…nor the one lusting over a Dan Brown hardcover.

Not resolutions

Well, now all that Christmas business has died down and my parent’s house is now empty but for the four of us who have been here for the last couple of months, I can think about writing something for my blogs again.

Yesterday was the first day when I felt like the season was winding down. Or maybe that was just the last Test finishing. Whatever. It’s a little quieter now, we’re not hosting dinners for 16 every second night and the tourists around town are not as thick on the ground. This year I smugly counted myself as a local even though that assumption was not completely true. Very annoyed when I had to wait for a park at the beach. Life has obviously been hard.

I hate new year’s resolutions but I came across Conversational Reading’s reading resolutions and thought it might be a nice exercise to go through: make a list of stuff I would like to get through this year. No doubt I will look back on this post in December and wonder what planet I was on but here goes:

More Australian stuff
During my trip away from Sydney I have been trying to read more Australia lit and I have been reasonably successful in this. I want to start with White’s The Solid Mandala, if that is what the PWRG is indeed reading. I also have David Malouf‘s latest sitting here waiting to be read. Aside from those two I have no real plans. I thought I would fly by the seat of my pants after visiting the Sars underrated writers’ project for suggestions…

What I got for Christmas
I’m halfway through Shirin Ebadi’s Iran Awakening so I should have that kocked off soon enough. Mum gave me the Nobel Lectures from the Lit laureates so I imagine I will be dipping in and out of that one. I will also look forward every month to The Monthly tunring up in the mailbox courtesy of my sister’s gift of a subscription.

Been meaning to read for ages
Since reading Jonathan Franzen’s How to be alone a couple of years ago I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of Paula Fox’s Desperate Characters with no luck. I read Borrowed Finery last year.

I have been lusting over the Lee Miller biog by Carolyn Burke and dammit, this year I will have it.

Also, two I want to read more of: Gunter Grass and Philip Roth. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know.

And that other thing
There’s also the small matter of an unfinished Masters

Happy reading to all.