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Graffiti and Flickr: an amateur critic looks at some local art

When I first came to Sydney I was shocked by the amount of graffiti in public spaces. In fact, I felt a sense of unease whenever I went into an area heavily graffitied, it seemed to indicate that there was some kind of underworld and I it found vaguely threatening.

Now I sit in the back yard and listen to the shake knock shake knock of a spray can and the pfft of paint heading for our back wall. It still gives me a little frisson of excitement knowing there is some stranger out there painting our fence, but now I don’t feel threatened. I go out the next day and photograph it. I then put it on Flickr, submit it to groups and share it with others.

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Lazy s**t

Yesterday I got a kindly email from a Stack reader concerned that I hadn’t posted for quite some time. After thanking him for his concern I had to admit that there was no real reason that I had not posted, except for severe disinterest. I haven’t blogged, or even commented, anywhere.

Anyway, for those who’ve been here before you’ll notice that Stack has a rather more relaxed look and for those who’ve visited City to Sea you’ll notice Stack now bears a resemblance to it.

The upshot: I’m back and I’m rolling City to Sea and Stack together. I actually wrote more on CtoS so I’m hoping that by rolling them both together I can stop splitting my energies.

Please bear with me while I iron out problems.