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Well, they ARE both in the 300s I guess

Outraged nutcase of the week is a Earl Adams who claims his sons were so damaged by ‘accidentally’ stumbling upon a lesbian sex book in a library they deserve $20K in compensation, removal of the book from the shelves and the library director sacked. His sons are 14 and 16 and were apparently looking for books on military academies when they inadvertedly stumbled on The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, took it down from the shelf, opened it and looked through its pages. The book led to “many sleepless nights” in their house.

I bet it did.


David James on gay footballers

People often wonder why I love sport so much, especially football of all codes. My one true love though is football of the round-ball variety and it’s not just because I love the game. It seems to have the ability through it’s sheer popularity and deep history, among other things, to offer up moments that just make me smile, like when Barcelona PAID UNICEF for the honour of wearing their name on the Barca shirt. (Barca had never had a shirt sponsor previously).

Today there’s a little item in The Guardian written by David James, currently a keeper for Portsmouth. Even though he used to drive me crazy with his ‘Calamity James’ antics when he played for Liverpool, he has always struck me as someone with half a brain, which sometimes seems like a rare commodity for a footballer. In his item he addresses the last great taboo of English football – the gay player. He points to the hypocrisy of some of the players, the nastiness of gossip and the media and wonders when and in what environment will a player finally be able to come out and be allowed to continue to play football, not suffer the same fate as the only player to have come out, Justin Fashanu.

Go read it.

Markus Zusak at Inside a dog

Lili has kindly let Stack know that Inside a dog, the website dedicated to youth literature, is turning 1. As well as competitions and other good things to celebrate, Markus Zusak will be the writer in residence for April.