After four or so weeks of hobbling about whinging I have found out I have a stress fracture of the third metatarsal on the left foot. Just like Xabi Alonso, Daniel Agger, Steven Gerard, and (ahem) David Beckham. Unlike them I didn’t get it playing world-class football, or any football for that matter. No, I got it because fat ladies not used to rigorous exercise that involves skipping and stair-climbing who suddenly take up said activities are prone to putting undue stress on their bones. They then crack. So, for the next six weeks I get to wear this:

A walking cast/boot

Attractive yes?

At least I can take it off for a shower, unlike the traditional plaster cast.

I’m now feeling immense frustration, a little pain and a smattering of embarrassment.


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About Georgina

I am interested in visual forms of knowledge production. My research looks at alternative ways in which we can experience library collections that do not rely on web interface conventions. Within my practice-based doctorate I am developing a set of prototypes through which to research poetic visualisations of library collections. I use metaphor as a generative tool to design, working then with technical specialists to develop critical, generative visualisation prototypes.

8 responses to “Bugger”

  1. Zoe says :

    exercise is unhealthy, see!

    Hope it feels better soon.

  2. G says :

    Thanks Zoe.

    Yes, it has been pointed out that if I hadn’t been exercising in the first place…

  3. P & D says :

    Did you have your knee on the ground when you got high sided, or were you attemping a double back flip after watching the Crust Demons?? Either way you would of been having more fun.

  4. G says :

    Yes, I would have been having more fun but would have probably fractured more than a small bone in my foot…

  5. Be says :

    Georg, I feel for you really. I hobbled around in of these in 2001 for eight weeks for presumably the same reason … then discovered it wasn’t a stress fracture, it was the bloody onset of rheumatoid arthritis!!!

  6. Georg says :

    Thanks Be. It has now been removed, just last week. I am now doing physio once a week but I am going to do anything I can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It sucks in a big way!

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