After four or so weeks of hobbling about whinging I have found out I have a stress fracture of the third metatarsal on the left foot. Just like Xabi Alonso, Daniel Agger, Steven Gerard, and (ahem) David Beckham. Unlike them I didn’t get it playing world-class football, or any football for that matter. No, I got it because fat ladies not used to rigorous exercise that involves skipping and stair-climbing who suddenly take up said activities are prone to putting undue stress on their bones. They then crack. So, for the next six weeks I get to wear this:

A walking cast/boot

Attractive yes?

At least I can take it off for a shower, unlike the traditional plaster cast.

I’m now feeling immense frustration, a little pain and a smattering of embarrassment.


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8 responses to “Bugger”

  1. Zoe says :

    exercise is unhealthy, see!

    Hope it feels better soon.

  2. G says :

    Thanks Zoe.

    Yes, it has been pointed out that if I hadn’t been exercising in the first place…

  3. P & D says :

    Did you have your knee on the ground when you got high sided, or were you attemping a double back flip after watching the Crust Demons?? Either way you would of been having more fun.

  4. G says :

    Yes, I would have been having more fun but would have probably fractured more than a small bone in my foot…

  5. Be says :

    Georg, I feel for you really. I hobbled around in of these in 2001 for eight weeks for presumably the same reason … then discovered it wasn’t a stress fracture, it was the bloody onset of rheumatoid arthritis!!!

  6. Georg says :

    Thanks Be. It has now been removed, just last week. I am now doing physio once a week but I am going to do anything I can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It sucks in a big way!

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