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“The world’s finest bookshop?”

I think we may have a winner.

For now.


Book perve

Books on tablesHaving moved from the city I feared my days of book buying in bulk at ridiculously cheap prices at local fairs was over. But I was wrong. The local Rotary bookfest started on Saturday and despite my mother seemingly trying to put me off the scent (“It was pretty crap last year”; “I might go in later in the afternoon”), I went and found I was pleasantly surprised (and Mum appeared at my elbow soon after I arrived, my text message too much to resist obviously). There was none of the bloodsports of the Sydney Uni bookfest, it was all a bit civilised and almost bemused in some cases: “I have never seen so many books”; “Ooooh there’s just too many”; “I can’t fit any more on my bookshelf so I can’t really buy any more”. NONSENSE! Who would allow such a thing to inhibit the purchasing of books.

I walked out with

  • The Goodbye Look
    Ross McDonald
  • Inland
    Gerald Murnane
  • The Great Fire
    Shirley Hazzard
  • In Cold Blood
    Truman Capote
  • Short Novels and Stories
    A. P. Chekhov
  • One Writer’s Beginnings
    Eudora Welty
  • Unpolished Gem
    Alice Pung
  • My Universities
    M. Gorky
  • The Book of Snobs
    W. M. Thackeray
  • Structuralism
    John Sturrock
  • Studies in the Recent Australian Novel
    K. G. Hamilton ed.
  • The Useless Donkeys
    Lydia Pender, Judith Cowell

All but two in hardcover. I already had some of these but I am of an age where paperback is just not good enough any more for books I like. This book sale had plenty of stuff in hardcover and a surprising amount was quality.

The pricing was concerning at first. It seemed that the bigger and thicker the book, the higher the price. Never mind the quality, feel the width. This theory seemed to be abandoned at the checkout, I was charged $10 for the above which is a lot less than I thought it would be.

The sale continues into the week. I may be back.