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Football while doing the dishes

I am always looking for excuses to post about sport and usually I am waiting for some kind of connection to books or writers because after all, this used to be a book blog.

Today I found AS Byatt writing about Euro 2008 and I knew I had another excuse. If you love football go and read it. If you love AS Byatt go and read it. If you love neither read it. Who knew she was so enamoured of football? I loved the article, she managed to sum up so much about why I love football, how I watch it and how it becomes a part of people’s lives, even those that read books.

I haven’t been watching a huge amount of Euro 2008 because I don’t have pay tv and theĀ  highlights show on SBS is at a time when there’s homework to be supervised, shirts to be ironed and cooking to be done. When I do manage to sit down Dash always manages to put himself between me and the telly and/or sit next to me with his arm draped tightly around my neck while he proceeds to ask me one hundred questions about the game.

What team are you going for Mummy? And which colour are they wearing? And why aren’t you going for the blue team, because that’s your favourite colour? I am going for all the teams, then I am always happy. And what’s the score? There’s no goals, this is sooo boring, don’t you think it’s boring Mummy? And what are we having for dinner? And why did he fall over? Why don’t you like that one Mummy? Is this the Swans? Well, they’re red, why isn’t this the Swans? Oh yes, the ball is round. Was that a goal? It looked like it went in the net! When are they going to get a gooooaaaaallll Mummmmmmyyyyyy?

And on and on. Eventually I give up. I’ll start making dinner while keeping one eye on the football and Les and Fozzie (that good Lismore boy).

The thing that I have really enjoyed about this tournament is the podcast. The Guardian and Five Live have produced podcasts that I dutifully download every day and then transfer to my iPod. I listen to them while I wash up. I will forever associate James Richardson‘s voice with being elbow deep in hot soapy water. I’ll miss them all when it’s all over, which will be by this time tomorrow.

I think it will be the (boringbut predictably efficient) Germans but I do hope the (rather more exciting but unpredictable) Spanish prevail.


Listening to: sigur ros

You know when you have heard of a band but haven’t really spent enough time listening to them to make you uber-familiar? And then when you do accidentally listen to them you are struck down with dumbness because they sum up exactly where you at, at that particular point in time? And you wonder why in heck you hadn’t listened before? And to admit not knowing them backwards and forwards does serious damage to your music cred?

Well, that’s where I’m at right at the moment with sigur ros.

Where have you been all my life?

Listen to Hoppipola

It’s a meme

I haven’t done a meme in ages. I saw this at Ampersand Duck and Pavlov and thought I would take it and run:

What was I doing ten years ago?

Experiencing one of the most turbulent years of my life. Finishing Uni. Starting a new part time job that would eventually lead to an entire career, whether I liked it or not.

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:

1. Anything pickled (esp onions and chillis)

2. Top Deck.

3. Blue Castello (aka ‘fat on fat’)

4. Salami of any description

5. Whatever is left over from last night’s tea

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:

1. Anything pickled (esp onions and chillis)

2. Bananas

3. Crumpets

4. Salami of any description

5. Whatever is left over from last night’s tea

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Give up the job and write

2. Go to Anfield

3. Buy a house

4. Pay off family debts

5. Give it away

Five jobs that I have had:

1. Information Architect

2. Web Editor

3. Admin assistant

4. Book shop assistant

5. Milk delivery girl

Three of my habits:

1. The internet

2. Chewing PK orange gum

3. Reading on the loo

Five places I have lived:

1. Sawtell, NSW

2. Alstonville, NSW

3. Newtown, NSW

4. Leichhardt, NSW

5. Coogee, NSW

As I am possibly the last blogger on earth to do this meme I can pass it on to no one. If you want it, it’s yours.

Can’t think of a headline that doesn’t use the shoe/fits cliche so I won’t

I am officially getting old. It’s the shoes you see. Since stress fracturing my foot I can’t wear most of my shoes. There has been talk of orthotics. I’ve looked at Homy-Peds with a new understanding. Anything flat makes my foot hurt and gets me worried about causing another fracture.

I used to think younger people who wore orthotics and complained about foot pain and such things really should just shut up and get on with it. They were whingers. Old people had problems with their feet. Like back pain, I found it so BORING to hear about. Incredibly painful if you are suffering from it but tedious for all around you.

And foot pain is tedious. It’s that kind of nagging pain that is not bad enough to warrant pain killers but uncomfortable enough to inhibit your day-to-day life. No one wants to hear about it and I don’t blame them

I can tell all thoseIt's just wrong around me are sick of me whinging about my feet and the fact that I can’t get a decent pair of runners. Which leads me to the one of the biggest gripes about having to wear sensible shoes ALL THE TIME. I have taken to wearing runners because they are practical. It’s fairly simple, I want something in any colour but white. Black preferably. I can wear kids sizes. I can’t wear mens. I wear jeans a lot and the Seinfeld look just doesn’t do it for me. Call me crazy.

Seinfeld: It’s just wrong

I am not the only one who doesn’t want their feet lit up like the main drag on a Saturday night. I have spoken to a lot of people about this. (Ok, about three people in my family). One would think that it would not be hard to walk into a shoe store and find a pair of comfortable runners in a dark hue that fit me. Well, in this town it’s impossible. They exist, I’ve seen them on the internet. It must be true. I could order them online but something about buying shoes online that are supposed to be ultra-comfortable just doesn’t sit well with me.

So, I’ll wear this pair that are vaguely suitable until they wear out and every now and then I’ll slip into my favourite boots until I am hobbling and am forced back to the runners. In the meantime I am hoping that someone in a sports shoe company will get it into their heads that not everyone wants to wear shoes that could blind you.

Reading blitz

A photo all readers and book buyers can understand.

Not even the Blitz can stop the browsing for a good book:
London Library after Blitz

Credit: an email my mother sent me. Ideas about original source most welcome.

UPDATE: I found the image in: Under Siege: Literary Life in London 1939-45 by Robert Hewison. It has the photo on the cover and also inside. It is apparently the Holland House library in 1941.