Country lessons #486 – #489

Lesson #486
At a function advertised as a ‘cocktail party’ it is not always necessary to serve said beverages*.

Lesson #487
A motivational speaker is appropriate entertainment for a ‘cocktail party’.

Lesson #488
It is quite acceptable to include samosas and spring rolls on a ‘Mexican’ menu. Anything that has seen chilli will do.

Lesson #489
A dress code of ‘cocktail/mexican’ is just asking for trouble.

*Unless you count the doubtful looking sangria ladled from a punch bowl by bar staff.


About Georgina

I am interested in visual forms of knowledge production. My research looks at alternative ways in which we can experience library collections that do not rely on web interface conventions. Within my practice-based doctorate I am developing a set of prototypes through which to research poetic visualisations of library collections. I use metaphor as a generative tool to design, working then with technical specialists to develop critical, generative visualisation prototypes.

2 responses to “Country lessons #486 – #489”

  1. Zoe says :

    No. 487 is really cruel and unusual. My condolences. But I’m curious, too – were you motivated? And if so, to what?

  2. Georg says :

    When the man finally got the attention of the room after some school-marm like orders he proceeded to tell us to “turn to the person next to you and ask them: what are you famous for?” we were motivated to leave the room. We absconded to the front bar of the RSL for a few quiet ones with the ancient blokes playing snooker. Honestly, I couldn’t take any more. And I would have been tempted to heckle. We thought it safer to leave.

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