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Did you see me? Out there? I was pumped!

I have to admit that I have struggled to take the Olympic athletics seriously because honestly, who ISN’T doped to the eyeballs? But if this lady has been visiting BALCO I don’t want to know.

It’s far too entertaining.

PS I’ve discovered a new name for one’s girlfriend: “travelling partner”. How quaint.


Garage sail

Someone was holding a garage sale down the road on the weekend. They had a big hand-painted sign:

1500 books!


They also had a couple of other signs:

Sail of the century!


Everythink must go!

I decided to give it a miss.

Number 13

So we’ve bought a house. I know, I can’t quite believe it either. Of course, being the first house for both of us it’s a renovators delight. But you can walk to the beach and the shops and it has a huge yard. Settlement is in three weeks and I can’t wait. The carpet is going as soon as we move in.

It was all a bit of a shock. We had been watching this house, thinking it could be a good buy but it was way too expensive. We watched the price slide, and slide, and then it got to the point where we thought we might be able to beat them down enough. So we looked at it and the next morning made an offer.

We were scheduled to drive to Brisbane to see Picasso’s collection that day and spent the morning trying to get hold of the bank manager. We decided to leave and of course as we did so he called. We went straight over, the car all packed up ready to just keep driving on to Brisbane. He told us we should go for it so we rang the agent and left a message. Eager to get on to Brisbane we just decided to drive. The agent rang back when we got the Big Banana and I pulled in to talk and we made an offer. By the time we got to Korora the offer was accepted. We stopped at Woolgoolga and engaged a solicitor. Over the phone. On recommendation. (Thankfully that all worked out well). Then we drove non-stop to Brisbane, except for a roadside pee for Dash, checked into our apartment, had one beer to celebrate and then fell asleep.

I feel I should write something here about how I never thought I would buy a house, the Sydney property market being what it is and having beaten me down in the years I spent there, and all that. I should write someting about turning over a new leaf, this is a new chapter, I have a new life, three years down the track, etc etc. But that’s all twee, and frankly, boring.

All I need to say is: home. At last.