1. My daughter had a quirky little garage sale earlier this year – she ended up giving stuff away to her cousins’ cousins (truly) later in the day, who were visiting next door.
    At least she could spell though. She sent an immaculately presented flyer around the ‘hood beforehand:

    Hello Neighbour!
    A Garage Sale!
    (details inserted, plus – Oh Damn, there is a typo.
    Clothing Atire. Shit.)

    However it ends alluringly:
    It’s just like an op-shop -BUT AT MY HOUSE!
    So come along, this could be you!
    (nutty picture from internet of Ghost-Worldy looking characters).

    I don’t think the neighbours quite got the picture, though. Hence the freebies.

  2. Yes, BK, perhaps I am. If ‘too elitist’ means preferring that things are done PROPERLY. It never ceases to amaze me that people are accused of being elitist because they can SPELL and yet if someone got something that wrong in any other field they would be jumped on immediately…ok, I’ll calm down now 😉

    (And you did give me a chuckle).

    Genevieve, sounds like your daughter put in a lot of effort. Pity it fell on deaf ears!

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