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Another day, another book poll

This time it’s the Guardian asking

150 literary luminaries to vote for the best British, Irish or Commonwealth novel from 1980 to 2005.

And the winner? Coetzee’s Disgrace.


How long before another Oz Nobel?

The Literary Saloon has been providing commentary on the upcoming Nobel announcement, including info on the latest odds. (You can even bet on whether the prize winner will travel to Stockholm to pick up the goods).

The current list from Ladbrokes contains not a single Australian, which I guess is no real surprise. In light of the Institute of Public Affairs inclusion of Patrick White’s win on its list of Australia’s 13 biggest mistakes“, recent State Funerals for a car driver and a crocodile wrangler and the almost complete neglect of the passing of a great writer, an Australian Nobel winner could be quite the tonic we need. Australians love their sport and what better than a competition to spark public interest in literature?

The obvious next question is, who are the worthy contenders? I can only think of one: Les Murray.

Update: I have expanded on this theme at Online Opinion.

Meanjin novella competition

I should have mentioned this before as the closing date is at the end of June but anyway: Meanjin are holding a novella competition. Entries are to be between 12,000 and 20,000 words on the themes of ‘love’ or ‘desire’.

What do you win? $1500 and consideration for publication in Meanjin.

Need a hundred US bucks?

Try submitting a story to Life for Change. You submit, everyone votes, someone gets a hundred US dollars.

Bad sex awards

Yes, I’m still alive, believe it or not. But only just.

For your reading pleasure (or perhaps that should be displeasure), the longlist for the Bad Sex in Fiction awards.

Banville wins Booker

I’m at work so I have to make this short, John Banville has won the Booker for The Sea. And this time he wasn’t drunk.

Vogel winner announced

And the winner is Andrew O’Connor for Tuvalu, his

tale of betrayal, love, lust and social dislocation set in Japan and Australia. It tells the story of a young Australian working in Japan and his relationships with two women – one Australian, one Japanese.

And apparently Tom Wolfe’s name on the cover is enough to sell a book, no title required. I am Charlotte Simmons: A novel has been excised from the cover of paperback edition.