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After all this time

Stack has been moved from server to server, template to template, cared for lovingly and ultimately, somewhat ignored. I am very glad it is still here in some way, even though it ceases to serve the purpose it once did.

If anyone is interested, I am trying to blog my research proposal, which will hopefully turn into my PhD. It’s about libraries, books and design. Start at the bottom of the page.


Lazy s**t

Yesterday I got a kindly email from a Stack reader concerned that I hadn’t posted for quite some time. After thanking him for his concern I had to admit that there was no real reason that I had not posted, except for severe disinterest. I haven’t blogged, or even commented, anywhere.

Anyway, for those who’ve been here before you’ll notice that Stack has a rather more relaxed look and for those who’ve visited City to Sea you’ll notice Stack now bears a resemblance to it.

The upshot: I’m back and I’m rolling City to Sea and Stack together. I actually wrote more on CtoS so I’m hoping that by rolling them both together I can stop splitting my energies.

Please bear with me while I iron out problems.

December ALR

The new ALR is out and this month there’s an ‘online special’. Well, there’s two related articles: Sal Humphries looks at computer games and Genevieve Tucker spreads the word on litblogs.

In case you don’t know, there is a commenting facilty at ALR online.


There’s a new sports blog in town. Go and read it. And if you think sports and books don’t mix, think again.

Blogger shenanigans

Yesterday was a day to put down the laptop and actually talk to some bloggers, for real like.

First I had coffee with the Black Knight of Life of a Labrat fame, fresh from his mention in Snitch on Wednesday.

Then it was off to the pub to meet up with a varied bunch, not all of whom I got to speak to: Mark, TigTog, Shaun, Steve Edney, Phil Gomes, Liam, Jason Soon, Tim Lambert and commenter Leinad. There were others that I didn’t meet, including Tim Blair who turned up after Tigtog and I had done the dash. Jason’s description of the end of the evening is intriguing, to say the least.

Read more from Tigtog, Steve Edney and Phil at LP.

5 questions

John Baker has kept his blog going while on holidays by having other lit/book/writing bloggers answer five questions. There are 40 so far in the series. (And yes, mine went up yesterday).

Wot? No new posts?

That’s because I have been writing at Sarsaparilla and Larvatus Prodeo this week. Will be back with you shortly.