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Museum of break-ups

While reading The Guardian today I came across an item about the Museum of Broken Relationships. Basically, people are asked to send in mementos of their breakup and they become part of the museum.

“A temporary space in Tacheles, a 1930s department store-turned-artists’ squad in former East Berlin, has become a donor centre for mementos of break-ups. The response has been overwhelming”.

We’ve all had our moments when we’ve wanted to shred or smash something. So, instead of say, dumping your ex’s gifts in their driveway for years after your break-up, you could donate the offending items to the Museum.

A far more constructive, artistic and meaningful gesture, yes?

(If the postage to Berlin is too much you could try visiting the online version where you can submit offending emails and SMSs).


Hamble, where are you?

So, Play School is 40 years old. What I want to know is: what happened to Hamble? Jemima, Little and Big Teds, Humpty, they all made it but what about Hamble? Early death from cigarettes? Tragic car accident? Sent away to the big house for assault committed on Jemima out of jealousy? Drug trafficking in Indonesia?

Please, if you have any information, leave a comment.